Designing and Building Functional and Profitable Commercial Kitchens

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We specalise in designing, building and installing the best commercial kitchens ensuring exceptional performance and quality within your kitchen

As your commercial kitchen experts, we will provide you with a tailored fit supplying and installing all the best commercial kitchen equipment and design solutions.
With a focus on cost optimisation, we help you get the most out of your budget providing the best equipment and kitchen design for the cheapest prices
Providing you with designs to help maximise efficiency, flow and output in your kitchen
We take pride in delivering our projects on time, without going over your budget.
Our Process

We Offer End to End Commercial Kitchen Solutions

Your commercial kitchen is the heart of your business. Whether you operate a restaurant or provide a food service in any setting, we ensure your staff can create the best meals as efficiently as possible. Tob Lab provide you with commercial kitchen solutions that are both practical and affordable.

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    Custom Design

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    Supply and Deliver

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    Fit Out and Installation


Expert’s Advice

Whether creating a commercial kitchen for the first time or reworking an existing one, the process is important to perfect. Satisfying all of the typical kitchen needs while staying up to code and maintaining a budget takes a significant amount of patience and experience. Our commercial kitchen consulting services give clients valuable advice and can show you why one specific way is preferable to another.


Custom Design

Working with a commercial kitchen designer is massively helpful, especially when you need to translate broad ideas into manageable parts of a project. There is a great deal more to designing a kitchen than placing a few strategic pieces of cooking equipment. With years of experience, the Top Lab Commercial Kitchen design team can help by perfectly blending the most attractive ideas with those that enhance the kitchen function.


Supply and Deliver

Once you have made the necessary decisions for your kitchen, Top Lab Commercial Kitchens can assist you by supplying the parts and equipment you will need to give your ideas life. We offer a complete range of top brands of appliances. And we can provide you with top-quality storage, cooking, and cleaning products. As your custom kitchen supplier, we will ensure delivery of the correct products on time.


Fit Out and Installation

Bringing all the parts together into a single cohesive unit takes great skill. This is especially true when working with various outside contractors. Top Lab Commercial Kitchens can accomplish this and ensure it goes smoothly. We are experts at developing high-level project management plans. We also take care of managing external contractors to coordinate the entire fit-out and installation process to ensure everything turns out as expected.


We know hospitality

Our team have owned, managed and operated hospitality businesses in the past. We understand the challenges in keeping an operation profitable. This experience provides us with a unique insight into how to maximise the revenue and output of commercial kitchens.

We listen

We understand every project is unique with its own set of goals and expectations. We listen, observe and collaborate with clients to understand what success looks like to them, and then work towards that goal.

We think

We think outside the box and always look to innovate, but never forget that optimal function and flow are the cornerstones of a successful commercial kitchen.

We work as your partner

We are a boutique operation by choice. This enables us to maintain the highest quality levels and be a true growth partner for our clients.  

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We specialise in designing, building and installing the best commercial kitchens ensuring exceptional performance and quality within your kitchen.

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